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Quran Pen Review

By Adil Zarnosh 23 February 2014

Here is a review by hearthijab for the brilliant quran pen!

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Why are our prices cheap?

By Adil Zarnosh 22 February 2014

We get a lot of people asking us why our prices are cheap, on some occasions, we get competitors angry that we sell them so cheap to the public, whilst we, ourselves are more upset that these items are so commonly sold at a high price to our struggling community. 

Our hijabs are infact, high quality, we sell exactly the same hijabs as other sellers, we even use the same suppliers, the same factories, in essense, our hijabs are exactly the same high quality hijabs you will buy for £6-10 but we sell them for £2.90-£3.80. Why? Well if we can make enough for ourselves to get by, alhamdullilah, we shouldn't be greedy and charge huge amounts, make our products less accessible to muslimahs and harder to practice the deen. 

The prophet muhammad (saw) also said, “A truthful and honest trader will be a companion of the prophets, the righteous and the martyrs on the Day of Judgement.” [Tirmidhi] This is our underlying principle when it comes to trade, we are as transparent as you can imagine, if we don't have an item, we'll refund you (some traders send you something completely different that you didn't even want) we don't over charge, we send out our shipments as quickly as possible. And if we want to sell something new on our site, the first thing we think is, how do we make this affordable for our buyers. The opposite of this hadith is also very important, if one is not honest or truthful, the consequences can be dire, our life on earth is very short, by having fear of Allah swt, we will always treat our customers right. 

So in conclusion, is the quality of our hijabs lower? No. Are they high quality? Yes. We aim to always provide low prices with high quality inshaAllah. We ask that you support us by sharing our site and telling your friends about us inshaAllah.

Please see the great feedback we get on our facebook page from our beloved customers, alhamdullilah. 

May Allah swt always keep us all on the righteous path, to be good people, to be good traders, so we can be with the best people on judgement day, and to grant all our customers a happy and bountiful life and hereafter. 

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How To Burn Bakhoor

By Adil Zarnosh 22 February 2014

In this tutorial, from hearthijab, we show you how to burn bakhoor to make your world smell divine!

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Hijab Styles Inspiration From Indonesia

By Heart Hijab Styles 17 January 2014


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Jakarta Hijab Fashion

By Heart Hijab Styles 17 January 2014


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Hijab Styles

By Heart Hijab Styles 17 January 2014
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