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Hijab Style - By Colour

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Hijab Style | Hijab Styles by colour

  • White Lightweight Maxi Jersey
    Beautiful and high quality viscose Jersey, breathable material. Stretchable too. 180cm Length 75cm Width
  • White Medium Khimar - One Piece
    Beautiful and high quality material. Stretchable too. One size fits all, fantastic fit, great for sports too. These are also very large length wise so provide a lot of coverage.
  • White Silk Hijab
    Faux Silk Hijabs

    Approx 180cm x 60cm - should be warn with an underscarf.

    These silk hijabs are absolutely stunning, they have a slight pearlescent shine to them, really making them stand out in an elegant and classy way. These silk hijabs look beautiful.

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    Special Price AU$3.88