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Where is my Order?

Laila Ibrahim posted this on 22 Sep 2019

If you log in to your account

then go to see the list of your orders. This will give a status:

Processing: This means that we're waiting to start picking your items, if it has not started yet, you can request a cancellation after 48hours. Sometimes processing is delayed due to manufacturers not sending the goods on time.
Picking: This means we have started to pick your items and will be on its way to you soon.
Packing: This means we have completed the pick of your items and is imminently waiting to be shipped.
Order Sent: This means we have now completed the label creation and sent the items to royal mail, to send to you.

If your order has "order sent" and you have not recieved your order, please make sure that royal mail have not attempted a delivery and left a red card.
This has happened numerous times, more than we can count, always check if royal mail have left you a card to collect from the local postoffice/delivery office.

Important announcement from HeartHijab

We have had a very tricky trading period where we sold our Hijabs at extremely (stupidly) low prices. These prices gave us a bit of trouble because it meant we sold way too many without making any profit to sustain the business costs.

We therefore have put our prices back up, they are still below others and still the most affordable, but this will enable us to sell normally without complaints about our lack of speed due to our high volumes and lack of stock (due to running out).

If you have ordered at the extremely low prices:
Don't worry we will fulfil your order and send it as soon as possible, this may take longer than expected due to all the problems we've had by selling at those prices, in hindsight it was silly of us to sell them that low. 

If you have requested a refund:
Your refund will be done, however we cannot cancel any refunds (ie you don't want it canceled now), if you have requested a refund you won't ever be able to buy at those prices again. We won't be running any sales at these prices ever again due to the burdon it bought on us. 

Moving forward:
We would hope our customers continue to support us, we still have the lowest prices, from £1 for small hijabs, £2.40 for medium size and £2.90 for vogues. 

If you ordered and are worried about your order, fear not.
We are getting around to them. 

We had to order in new stock and wait for those to come. You can feel pleased that you got them at an extremely low price (which almost killed us!) We ask that you be patient, if you cannot wait you can request a refund and this would enable us to sell those hijabs are full price. 

I would also personally like to say I am sorry for our lack of speed during this period. We apologise and we will learn from our mistake.
We will fulfill all orders and you'll never be out of pocket. 


We are processing orders, but if you ordered at our lower prices, we will still need some time, unfortunately its been the perfect storm, with shipments from china delayed by a month! (due to the situation in china) we ask that you please be patient with us. We will send out all orders as soon as we recieve our next shipment in 30 days. (around march 20th) we understand that this is long, but we have been hit by a series of problems in the UK and China. We promise we will send your order out.