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Service Improvements

We've greatly improved our service. No More Covid Delays.

We took a pretty bad hit during the early days of 2020. Before Covid came to the UK, it was in China, affecting the release of our shipments which caused a lot of delays for us. That was the start of a difficult 2020 for us.

When it reached the UK, the lockdown and delays at ports caused delays in our business, shipments and sending parcels. We've now navigated through those tough times and have made huge improvements to our service. We had some unhappy customers during that time and rightly so we weren't able to keep up with the challenging conditions of the pandemic, we were taken by suprise as a small business. We will be making things right, as business improves, we'll be going over each customer and sending free vouchers. We won't give up till those customers are really happy with our service again.

  1. We now have more stock held in our warehouse
  2. We have put in new technology that makes picking items faster
  3. We have new packing systems which speeds up the sending of our items. 
  4. Better store credit system, if anything is out of stock or goes wrong, we can immediately refund onto our store credit system. 
  5. We include a digital invoice, so the computer prints out exactly which items were sent and what was out of stock so you know by email as well as in your actual package, packing list is included.
  6. You can use your store credit even if your total is equal to zero after applying your store credit. 
  7. Every Friday we go over all orders, any items where products were out of stock we make sure those have been refunded to store credit, and we also remove that product from the website, until we get it restocked.

We're committed to providing amazing service with super low prices. We want to be the amazon of low cost items, and we can't achieve that without a commitment to good service.

We're now picking, packing and sending much faster. 

We have amazing news:

1. We have developed a new instant refund system. If any items are out of stock, you immediately get refunded to store credit automatically.

2. If any item is out of stock when we are picking your items. If we have to skip that item if it is out of stock. Our website will be updated immediately to remive that product so it stops showing to all customers. This will clean up our website, make the service amazing and really speed up our service. 

We are expecting to be running full speed on the 25th January 2021. We also have exciting new products arriving at the end of february so check back again for even greater range. 

These updates are game changers and will make our brand and business much better. It will improve on past mistakes and make the whole service more enjoyable. We expect that this will make us a household name. We will be limiting the amount of orders we take so we can focus on improved service and then as we grow we will brig in more robotics to help our picking staff to make the service expand whilst keeping low prices.