We will not be sending orders for 10 days, so 1st to 2nd of july as I am currently recovering from an injury. You can still order but it will be dispatched on Monday 2nd july, or if i get better sooner ia.

Rhubarb Hijab

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  • Extra Ombre Rhubarb

    180cm Length 110cm Width
  • Rhubarb Cotton Maxi Jersey
    Beautiful and high quality Cotton Jersey, breathable material. Stretchable too. 180cm Length 75cm Width
  • Rhubarb Glitter Ombre

    180cm Length 110cm Width
  • Rhubarb Infinity Jersey Hijab
    High Quality infinity jersey hijabs by hearthijab. 100% Viscose. 170cm Length x 40cm Width, double layered, (80cm folded over to 40cm) Really easy to wear and style for quick hassel free hijab. These hijabs are stitched end to end to make an infinity loop for easy styling.
  • Rhubarb MultiColour Tassel Hijab

    Stunning tassel hijabs, these look elegant, feminine and are high quality, made of 100% viscose.

    Maxi size, 18cm x 90cm.

  • Rhubarb Pearlescent Hijab

    Stunning Pearlescent double sided hijabs, these hijabs are cotton and viscose blend. 180cm x 70cm. These are thicker, so perfect for the autumn and winter months. As they are pearlescent the colour shifts depending on the angle you look at it. These are really beautiful. As they are thicker, they act quite like the maxi hijabs without the need to fold them over. 

  • Rhubarb Rosie Hijab Pin
    Trendy hijab pins.
  • Rhubarb Satin Pashmina Hijab
    100% Viscose

    Maxi Scarf - approx 170cm x 60cm Soft and lightweight satin pashmina, these hijabs are opaque and thick.

  • Rhubarb Shimmer Silk Hijab
    100% Silk

    Approx 185cm x 70cm - should be warn with an underscarf, these are sheer and see through, when folder over and around it gives better coverage, but we still recommend an underscarf and pins, as silk is slippery.

    These silk hijabs are absolutely stunning, they have a slight pearlescent shine to them, really making them stand out in an elegant and classy way. These silk hijabs look beautiful.

  • Rhubarb Squares Vogue Hijab

    190cm Length 100cm Width

    100% Viscose - thick material
  • Rhubarb Tasseled Lace Hijab
    Beautiful and high quality Lace Hijabs, breathable material. Large maxi size. 180cm Length 90cm Width
  • White ice Bracelet
    Stunning Jewelry range from hearthijab