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Gold Hijab

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Gold Hijab | Golden Hijabs

We sell a wide variety of Gold Hijabs, we're sure you will find the Gold hijab you are looking for. Gold Hijabs from only £3.49 with Free Delivery!

  • Gold 43cm Mini One piece Base Ready Hijab
    One piece

    Regular Price: £7.60

    Special Price £4.22

  • Gold Black Cotton Shimmery Lustre Hijab
    Fabric: Cotton
    Size: 170x60cm

    Regular Price: £7.45

    Special Price £4.14

  • Gold Lace Overlay
    Beautiful and high quality Lace Hijabs, breathable material. Large maxi size. 180cm Length 90cm Width

    Regular Price: £5.80

    Special Price £4.35

  • Gold Pearlescent Hijab

    Stunning Pearlescent double sided hijabs, these hijabs are cotton and viscose blend. 180cm x 70cm. These are thicker, so perfect for the autumn and winter months. As they are pearlescent the colour shifts depending on the angle you look at it. These are really beautiful. As they are thicker, they act quite like the maxi hijabs without the need to fold them over. 

    Regular Price: £6.20

    Special Price £4.40

  • Gold Pleated Hijab

    Maxi 180x150cm
    Fabric: 100% Viscose
    Gorgeously soft hijab with piping, modern, elegant and chic. 

    Regular Price: £5.30

    Special Price £4.50

  • Gold Squares Vogue Hijab

    190cm Length 100cm Width

    100% Viscose - thick material

    Regular Price: £4.90

    Special Price £4.10

  • Gold Velvet Silk Maxi Hijab
    100% Silk

    Approx 190cm x 90cm Stunning opaque velvet silk hijabs are smooth like silk but with a velvet touch. They are less slippery than normal silk.

    Regular Price: £5.50

    Special Price £4.60

  • Orange & Gold Silk Georgette Ombre Hijab

    180cm Length 90cm Width

    Heart Hijabs Silk Georgette Ombre Hijabs are soft, flowing and great quality. Please note, these are silk so will be quite slippery, wear these with pins, these are opaque so thick enough not to be see through 

    Fabric: 100% Silk. 

    Regular Price: £7.30

    Special Price £4.99