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Hijabs Clearance, everything must go! Limited Stock. Get them fast, Whilst stocks last...once it's gone, it's gone.


Thousands of Hijabs On HeartHijab. Hijabs are the staple of every hijabi. We have a range of the perfect hijabs for you. From jersey, chiffon, cotton, lace, viscose, pashmina and more. All at affordable prices, we start from £1! and we never stray far from £5. 

Free gift is not applicable on sale items as we make a loss on these items. Sale items are non refundable.

  • *Surprise Set 10 items for ��10

    Surprise Set - We have overstock of a large range of items from jewellery, sunglasses, hijab underscarves, caps and hijabs. This surprise set let you order some of our items super cheap and get a surprise of some awesome items! Will you get lucky?

    What you can expect, these are at random; Hijab, necklace, bracelet, underscarf, hijab cap, sleeves, jewellery, sunglasses, hair accessories, hijab pins. 

    Regular Price: £25.00

    Special Price £19.44