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About Me



I'm Adil, CEO of Heart Hijab, editor and writer of Hijab Styles Blog. A graduate of the renowned Kingston University, my official dive into fashion started in 2012 with the launch of hearthijab.

A brand aimed at pulling down walls and barriers to wearing hijab by carefully selecting fabrics and styles to match a price point affordable for the mainstream Muslim consumers in the UK & worldwide. I have continued this drive, further pushing with the launch of msDaint a similarly based business targeting the mainstream market with the aims of enabling a stronger purchasing power to help maintain our low prices and great service. 

I've been very active when it comes to hearthijab and the hijab fashion industry. Having learnt graphic design, product design and web development from my early teens, honing these skills then implementing them into the business. It has enabled heart hijab to propel quickly, efficiently, without delays and avoiding financial bottlenecks. 

Those have been my main hobbies really, but on a lighter note, I do enjoy long walks, beautiful scenery, travelling and experiencing refined cultures not to mention being a foodie. 

Initially I had struggled with the idea of running a hijab fashion startup. It was something I was really interested in, but I never felt I would be accepted by the larger community, being a male in the fashion industry. Especially the Muslim fashion industry at that, however I came to overcome most of these struggles as I realised that the service I was providing, so close to my ethical views was helping and enabling Muslimahs to wear and further fall in love with islamic fashion. The words of encouragement and joy that it was bringing to the thousands of customers we have was very heartwarming, this definitely helped me overcome my reservations. I now aim to fully engage with the community, put myself out there, in the thick of it and really learn and get to know my customers so I can create more hijab styles as well as bring more islamic fashion into the Muslim mainstream at even better prices with better designs. 

I really enjoy my work and hope to push the brand globally, turning it into a mainstream high street retailer inshaAllah. I hope you can help me on my journey.

Thanks, Adil