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The leading Hijab Styles blog from hearthijab. We show you the latest hijab fashion and more. See our latest abaya designs, hijab style designs, upcoming hijab fashion trends and you get to vote on products you want us to get in next. We ARE the future of the hijab fashion industry. You can help us to create affordable hijab fashion for less, with modest clothing from £7-25. Catering for all sizes to create an amazing brand for the entire Muslim community. You get to vote and take part in heart hijab styles choices

An Appeal to all our hijabi sisters.


HeartHijab needs YOU. HeartHijab is an ethical company which sells hijabs at almost cost price, we are carrying this trend into our abayas and modest wear range that we will soon be featuring.

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We have seen many outlets pop up that charge into the hundreds of modest clothing and we're bucking this trend. We're determined to sell our range of products from £7-25 and if we can, we will push them even lower. 

We want to bring hijab fashion and the ease of wearing hijab, including modest wear to the entire muslim community, not just the fraction of the community that can afford it. 

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