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Hijab FAQ


Is it permissible to shake hands with the opposite gender?
It is forbidden to shake hands with someone that is non mahram. Even for work purposes, it is something that is not permitted.

Am I allowed to wear kohl/surma?
A woman is allowed to wear kohl/surma or similar cosmetics, the main intention is to avoid drawing lustful attention from men. Without sugar coating the issue, there are obvious cosmetics which are used to gain this type of attention from non mehram men, such as lip plumpers, which increase the size of the lips to appear more seductive. Sultry style eye make up which can appear “sexy”. This type of makeup is quite obvious for its aim. However makeup that is done to cover faults, to help with creating a positive attitude towards oneself and that isn't done in a way to create and garner attention from the opposite gender is permissible and can sometimes help a person overcome self criticism, which in our society can cause depression and similar mental illness.

Is it permissible for me to get rid of facial hair?
It is permissible to get rid of facial hair which is seen as uncommon or unattractive. This however is not shaping the eyebrows, removing a stray hair is permissible, or removing a “monobrow” but shaping the eye brows to become thinner is not permissible. The removal of other facial hair such as over the lip etc is permissible.

Can I wear high heeled shoes in public/workplace?
If your shoes have high heels which clunk when they hit the ground, this will innevitably get the attention of men as you walk by, this is prohibited by our understanding of beautification of women with the intention of getting lustful attention from men. High heels also accentuates the posterior, and therefore adds to making a fitnah for the opposite gender.

Is it ok to wear skinny jeans or tight trousers?
Any clothing which reveals the contours of the body or that will get the lustful attention from men is not permissible, please note, lustful as the main word. Looking classy or elegant does not create lust but will get respect, it is important to avoid the lustful gaze, where the man may see and imagine the things that you are showing them. Even though they are required to lower there gaze, believing women are also ordered not to dress in a way that garners lustful attention.