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How to wear a hijab in different styles


Are you looking how to wear your hijab in different styles? Need some tips on how to change up your hijab style?

Check out some of these tips to help you wear your hijab in different styles. So here are some general rules of thumb to help you choose the right hijab and get your styling tips right!

Patterns with Solids

Opting for a solid dress? Then you might want to try a patterened hijab to go with that, try selecting a patterned hijab that matches your accessories such as your handbag or shoes. If the pattern has enough going on and breaks in the colour, then you can wear a patterned hijab that matches colour similarly to your outfit. But never go for a pattern that is too close to your outfit, you want to be able to split up the style so it's not too overwhelming with just one colour, it also looks like you put more effort into your choice selection. 

Solids with Solids

If you are a fan of solids whether it is going for a formal or casual look, the best thing to do is choose the hijab colour according to the colour of the accessories you are going to wear. For example, if you are going to wear a black abaya, going with a black headscarf as well could pass off a bit dark! But if you match it up with your accessories, for example a brown leather hand bag, you can opt for a deep brown vogue hijab and the outfit will begin to complement itself. You could also match up your hijab with your shoes, if you are not carrying a handbag, this helps to split up the colours and prevents you looking like big bird or an undertaker!

Solids with Patterns

If you are going to wear a heavily patterned dress, then you are going to want to go with a solid single colour hijab, this could be a single colour with a gradient, or a solid single colour. Too many patterns, then your outfit will start to clash, if you want to look classy and elegant, it is much better to stick with this rule. Too much clashing of patterns starts to loose the focus and then neither complements the other. You can then match your hijab with the general colour of your dress, this will make the colour stand out more and look like a more sophisticated outfit. 


If you are out to have a good time, then you can easily get away with accessorising your hijab, crowns, headbands, beach hats, fascinators, you can go all out, within reason! Summer months are easier to get away with these, and they look great, if you are into street style, you can even get away with a nice loose knit beanie for the winter months. For those wedding occasions try hijab jewellery such as teekas. When it's autumn and winter, you're better off opting for simpler hijab styles as most people dress down during these seasons. You don't want to stick out with that panama hat!

Colour Choices

We all have colours that we love, have you tried choosing a hijab colour that complements your skin, or your eyes? It can help bring out the colour and really look fab in them. Colour choices in general should come down to the outfit that you choose to wear and the accessories that will complement your outfit. But if you're lost for what you want to wear, why not try working backwards. Select a hijab colour that complements your skin tone, or your eye colour, and then match the outfit that goes with the hijab colour!

Styling it up

There are masses of hijab styles out there, and these can be chosen according to the actual hijab you wish to wear. If you are going for a formal look, you definitely want to go with one of the standard viscose hijabs or cotton hijabs with a plain colour. For smart casual you can opt for a patterned variation of our viscose hijabs. If you are instead looking for a more relaxed and sporty look, then jerseys go great. If however you want to go for a party, then silks, model, and satins are great. 
Winter season, you might want to opt for the pashmina variations, such as twill, or for a winter occassion, satin pashminas. If you are going for a casual meetup, then you can opt for hijabs like the vogue hijab, cotton embroidered or even ombres. 

Once you have chose your hijab according to your occasion, then you can start thinking about how to style it, now thats a whole new ball game! Check out some of our hijab styles on the homepage.