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Purple Hijab

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Purple Hijab | Purple Hijabs

Purple Hijab

We sell a wide variety of Purple Hijabs, we're sure you will find the Purple hijab you are looking for. Purple Hijabs from only £3.49 with Free Delivery!

  • Deep Purple Maxi Square Hijab

    Beautiful and high quality Chiffon Maxi square hijabs, these hijabs are extra large maxi squares which give great versatility and coverage. 150cm Length 150cm Width

    Regular Price: $5.70

    Special Price $2.54

  • Purple Cotton Linen Extra Maxi Hijab

    180cm Length 130cm Width

    Extra Maxi hijabs by hearthijab, cotton linen blend, soft, extra maxi and loads of coverage.

    Regular Price: $7.50

    Special Price $2.85

  • Purple Khaleeji Gold Chain
    100% Viscose

    Maxi Scarf - approx 180cm x 100cm Gold chain rim.