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Missing/Skipped Items

Laila Ibrahim posted this on 17 Sep 2019

Sometimes when you order, our stock count might not be correct, this could be due to manufacturers not sending us the correct amount.

When we pick the items from our shelves in the warehouse, we have a button that lets us press skip when we cannot find the item or it is out of stock.
This notifies you by email that some items were skipped, it will also show in your order account page.

You can request a refund for these items by clicking here
We automatically give you store credit so if you like, you can keep that, if not request a refund to your card and we'll process that and remove the store credit.

If you have an account with us, make RMA tickets here

If you ordered as a guest, without creating an account, you can still make a ticket for that order, You can make a guest RMA here