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Laila Ibrahim posted this on 15 Aug 2021

Our Customer Care system is now LIVE!

When you make an order, if you have any issues then log in to your account and head over to your account section

You can then proceed to click to "My Tickets" where you can select the order and items you have a query about.

You can select from the options that the issue is and we will aim to have any issue solved with a satisfactory outcome.

We've designed it to be fast and efficient and lead to a high customer satisfaction.

After covid19 we decided to design a brand new customer service system that will enable incredibly fast responses from our team and a smoothness in communication that can get you the result you want faster. 

This new system is very smooth, it helps us collect data with set problems and means we can process issues incredibly fast, helping us maintain our efficiency and low cost. 

Don't worry, we aim to satisfy and earn your trust and loyalty. We can't grow unless you are happy. Great experience is when something goes wrong, but we fix it to your satisfaction.


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