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Just started wearing hijab? Or maybe you just want to know which hijab style would suit you? What are all these names and what's the difference? Read on to know which hijab suits you, your face shape, and your lifestyle most! 


Maxi hijabs: The term 'maxi' means large hijab. They are super long, and offer great coverage! You can style them how you want, as you have enough length to play with! 


Plain hijab

plain hijab

Viscose, light, soft & breathable. Everyone likes plain colours because these are excellent to match clothes with. They're basic, plain, and you usually need one hijab in every colour you tend to wear. This helps when your clothes already have designs on and you want something matching but simple to top off your wardrobe. This type of hijab is great for casual wear, as well as formal wear for school, university, work etc. Our plain maxi hijabs are the cheapest range we offer - ONLY £2.90.

Print hijabs

print hijab

Viscose, soft, light and easy to style. These hijabs are perfect in ensuring they stay on correctly. Print hijabs are more 'fashionable', they're gorgeous, and have amazing prints and patterns. You can also check the colours within the print hijabs, to ensure they match your wardrobe. These hijabs are great for casual, party, and even formal wear. Our print hijabs are the second cheapest range we have online at just £3.49. The cheapest prices for maxi print hijabs! 


Ombre hijabs

ombre hijab

Gorgeous maxi hijabs that are two/three toned. Great to match with your outfit, and if what you're wearing is simple or lacks colour, ombre hijabs are the best to splash some colour and excitement to your look. You can style the ombre range of hijabs so that one colour sits on your head, and the other colours drape down the sides. You can use the main colour and the darkest colour for the centre/top of your head, with the lighter/brighter colours on the sides. Worn for casual and formal wear.

Silver rimmed hijabs

chain hijab

Like our 'plain hijab' range, but with a beautiful silver chain border around them. A great way to frame your face. These hijabs are great because they are simple and just add that little something. These are a must for work, school or study! They're maxi and also viscose. These hijabs can also work for occassions! If your attire is busy and is the focus of attention, then finish the look with these hijabs! They're simple but have a glamorous appeal to them. ONLY £3.80.

Cotton hijabs

cotton hijab

Similar to our 'plain hijabs', these however are SUPER quality, 100% Cotton and well...MASSIVE. They are thicker, so are great for the colder winter seasons, yet also breathable, so work just as well in those warmer seasons too. Some of our customers have preference for this material over viscose, whilst some like to mix their hijabs and have both ranges. If you're looking for soft, long, thick, warm, and great quality hijabs, then these are for you. Just £3.95! These sell on other sites for £9.00!

Jersey hijabs

jersey hijab

These are another type of hijabs our customers opt for because of the material. They're 'stretchy' so you have more control and can style the hijab how you want. They're soft, and more luxurious than our viscose plain range. They're in simple plain colours so are handy for work or study and matching with anything you wear. The advantage of this type of hijab is the material. Jersey hijabs can give you a lot to work with, so hijabis tend to like that. These hijabs are also maxi, so will cover you fully :) At just £3.80

Thick Hijabs

thick hijab

These are maxi viscose plain hijabs. The difference between them and our standard 'plain hijab' range is the thickness of the hijab. These hijabs are thicker, so are an essential collection for the colder seasons. They also have black satin borders around them, so are simple yet elegant. They are long and soft, and can be worn for school and work. Style them as you please! We sell these for £3.80

Lace hijab

lace hijab

These hijabs are beautiful & elegant. Great for weddings and parties. We have different lace hijabs, some have more on, some have less. We have lace bordered hijabs which are simple yet gorgeous. If you like more lace, we have hijabs that have a lace overlay, so you have the plain material underneath then the lace ontop. Our lace hijabs are just £3.80!

Crinkle hijabs

crinkle hijab

These hijabs are plain in colour, but the material is what makes them stand out. They have a crinkle effect, can stretch and spring back into shape. If you want something a little different, then try this hijab! they're soft, funky, and unique! great for occassions like parties! They can be worn for work too, as they're simple in terms of colour. We sell these for £3.95

Diamante hijabs

diamante hijab

Dazzling Diamantes, these have small crystal like features. Great for weddings, parties, school, university, gifts, or even work. They're simple but have just the right amount of work/detail done on them. They're also viscose and plain in colour, whilst the crystals/diamante are silver. We have one type of black hijab with gold diamante studs. ONLY £3.80

Pom Pom hijabs

pom pom hijab

These are plain hijabs with 'bobbles' or 'pompoms' on the edges of the hijab throughout. They're another popular choice of style that our customers like, because they drape the pompoms elegantly when they style this hijab. If you want a few styles of hijabs, you should definatly try this one too! It can be worn for formal and casual wear. They're maxi and viscose. We sell these for £3.80

Subtle shimmer hijabs

subtle shimmer hijab

These are amazing for weddings and parties. They're dazzling, glamrous and will just make you look gorgeous. They're also viscose, long, and soft. They're plain in colour but have glitter specs sprinkled throughout the hijab. These hijabs are popular as they're not over the top, but fancy enough to be worn at events. They can also be worn to work! These hijabs are great as gifts, and great for Eid! Just £3.80.

Shimmer hijabs

shimmer hijab

These are more 'full on' than our subtle shimmer hijabs. They're brought mainly for weddings and parties as they can be a little flashy! They're completely covered in glitter, and these hijabs are just dazzling! They're more stretchy in material than the viscose subtle shimmer hijab range. They aren't as long, but cover well as they are thicker! These are fantastic gift choices and a must for eid and other occassions.  ONLY £3.80

Al-Amira hijabs

al amira hijabWorn by reverts sisters a lot, as they are easy to put on and off, cover your hair and chest, and no need to fuss around and style the hijab. They are great for mothers, for people with no time, for somone who don't know much about other types of hijabs and styling hijabs. They're lycra, soft, and have beautiful colours, two toned, with other features like glitter. They can come as one piece hijabs. These hijabs are also great for sports, as they stay in place and cannot be of any danger. 

Hijab caps! Underscarves, slip on, tie-caps, lace underscarves, turban style caps, cross-over underscarves! so much to choose from! So, lets break it down and explain each one, and what the use of hijab caps and underscarves are exactly! 
Wearing an underscarf! why?
1- Keeps you warm in these winter days! 
2- Makes sure your hair is tucked in! 
3- Helps your hijab stay in place/not slip! 
4- Ensures complete coverage!
5- A must for hijab styling! (some styles would otherwise show your neck for example! )
Beautiful jersey, lycra, and cotton materials at the cheapest prices alhamdulillah! One size fits all!
Now lets run through the different types:

Tube scarf

These are easy and quick to wear! slip them on and you're done! Tube underscarf is a non-fussy essential. Lycra material so it's really comfortable! These caps are open on both sides and stretch. Make sure you choose a colour that matches your hijab or outfit. We have loads to chose from! Pull the tube underscarf completly over your head so that it falls around the neck, now pull it back up, grasping all your hair with it, ensuring complete coverage. Only £1.49

Tie Caps

These caps are cotton, breathable, light and great quality. You tie these caps in place, with the two parts that dangle at the end of the cap. Once you do that you will see a small opening where the cap is tied, that is so you can let your hair through if you like. Customers like these caps because they can control the sizing and how tight the caps are. Again, make sure you match your cap with your hijab and attire. Only £1.49


Turban Hijab cap

These alladin like turban hijab caps are the new hot thing. Girls like showing the top part of the cap and styling their hijab accordingly. It adds more style and character to your hijab and has more of a fashion statement. These keep you warm, so are great for colder days! They're great quality, intract design, soft, and are made from polyster. We have a variety of colours to match your style of hijab and outfit. These caps are easy to slip on, no effort! Remember hijab is also covering the neck, so please don't wear these on their own :) Just £2.20

Full underscarf/ ninja underscarf

These are the most popular type of caps/underscarf. They offer complete coverage, covering the neck, ears, and hair. It keeps you warm, covers your hair and all areas that hijab needs to cover. The full underscarf is chosen for many hijab styles, as muslimahs know they don't need to worry about anything showing when they style their hijab. We have jersey and polyster underscarfs, and they are very comfortable. If you want a lighter underscarf opt for the jersey type, for colder days the polyster, as it is thicker. We've got loads of underscarf colours, as well as styles! 

Lace underscarf

These are as above, full underscarves with lace being an additional feature. You then place your hijab after the lace detail, so it adds another colour and lace to your overall hijab look. Just £2.90

Cross underscarf

These are full underscarves with two materials, a silk like material in the same colour as the underscarf, criss- crossed with the main material of the underscarf. A simple design that is also very pretty. Once you style your hijab with a matching colour, make sure that the top part of the underscarf shows, as you want that detail to add to the hijab! Gorgeous satin and jersey material. Only £2.90 Loads of colours and styles! 

Safety pins

Simply poke the pin end into both sides of your hijab under your chin, and click the pin end into the clasp. This is the first stage of wearing hijab and keeping it in place, so it's a must and an essential item. Our safety pins have an added diamante feature, just to make it all a little prettier! Two in a pack for just 60P. 

Pin Wheel

We have black and white pin wheels for stick pins, and multicoloured stick pins. We also have heart pin wheels, which are also stick pins. These are great essentials! You can never have too many pins, so having a lot and kept safe in a wheel, is just a bonus! black and white wheels are the must item, whilst multicoloured wheels are brought to add another feature and colour to your hijab. Heart pin wheels are super cute, and look gorgeous on hijabs! We have mini pin wheels- black and white for £1.20, large white pearly hijab pin wheels for £1.60, large multicolour pin wheel for £1.60, Heart multicolour Large pin wheel for £1.80, and lastly, for our large black and white heart pin wheel £1.80.

Stick Pins

Stick pins are quick, easy, hassle free pins. Loads of styles and colours available to match your taste, style, fashion and hijabs. They're used to pin sections of hijab in place when styling and wearing your hijab, usually on the side of the head. Our cheapest stick pin range starts with the Swarovski Crystal Hijab Pin at just 90P. 

Chain Clasp Pins

If you want to add more to your hijab, and use a hijab pin as a big accessory to your hijab, then these are the pins to use. They are feminine, classy and elegant. Simple poke the pin in to your hijab as you would with the stick pin, you'll notice the end part of the pin attached to the chain, clasp the pin to the end part attached to the chain. There, you have your finished look! Beautiful draping chain and pin, matched with your beautiful hijab! Use these pins for occasions too! 

Brooch Pins

These are larger pins, and are extremely beautiful! They make great gifts, and can be worn for occassions. They can be worn on the side of the head on your hijab, or used sometimes on the shoulder for people who drape their hijab over their chest. Our brooch pins are mainly silver in colour and have gorgeous crystals inside them. Our cheapest starts with the Swan Swarovski Hijab Pin at £1.90.



Hijab means to cover, screen or curtain. The real term used in islam is satr, which is why you sometimes don't hear a reference to the term hijab, however essentially it is the same.

Within Islam we have a concept of modesty, morals and interaction between different genders. Within the Quran there are two verses that Allah swt has defined hijab for us.

“Say to the believing men that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste). This is better for them.” Surah an-nur verse 30.

Men are required not to look lustfully at women, and to prevent that, they should cast there glances downwards.

“Say to the believing women that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste)…”

Women are also commanded to protect there glances...

“...and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur over their bosoms...”

Khimar, a covering over the head also widely known as a scarf used to cover the head. In the pre islamic era, women used to put the khumur over the head, however tieing it behind the head, therefore exposing the ears and neck. The verse commands to place the khumur over the bosoms, so that they conceal their ears, neck and part of the bosom.

“O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib.” al-ahzab – verse 59

Jalabib is a loose garment, that is worn as a shirt or wide dress. Therefore the dress code includes the head covering, but also the overall clothing. Therefore tight fitted clothing does not fit into the criteria for hijab.

As muslims and followers of the Prophet saw, we also look at his sunnah. Under all schools of thought, which covers ALL interpretations of sunni Islam, the entire body of a woman is awrah, and therefore it should be covered except for the face and hands.

What is important to understand is that islam is a religion for humankind, for all of insan. Within the quran there is an acceptance that we do have different cultures and this is part of our ummah, to have these different cultures. The requirement for hijab has to cover the elements discussed, but it does not have to fit into one such dress code from a singular culture. The style, colour, material, design etc can and will continue to differ for the different cultures that wear hijab. In south east asia we have salwar kamiz, in arabia we have jilbab or abaya, and in western cultures we have garments which do the same job, but styled differently, these can be skirts, with loose tops, and the wearing of the head covering. This is an accepted form of hijab.

Apart from the obligtions of wearing hijab according to Quran and Sunnah, there are also other benefits. Islam introduced hijab as part of a modest and decent way for interaction between members of the opposite gender. 

“This is more appropriate so that they may be known [as Muslim women] and thus not be harassed [or molested].” verse 59 chapter 33.

Men, as a product of nature and the way the human body works can be controlled by lust and desire, overtaking there senses, and driven by lust. This is the biological state of affairs and the observance of hijab is a great protector from such initial activation of lustful gazes.

Hijab also contributes to the stability and preservation of marriage as well as society. Hijab as a term referring to dress as well as actions helps to control the interaction between men and women to prevent the chances of shaytan entering and encouraging haram actions.

Hijab forces men to focus on the personality of a woman, the mind and removes the emphasis on her physical beauty. Giving the woman more respect as a human being and not a sexual object.

Is it permissible to shake hands with the opposite gender?
It is forbidden to shake hands with someone that is non mahram. Even for work purposes, it is something that is not permitted.

Am I allowed to wear kohl/surma?
A woman is allowed to wear kohl/surma or similar cosmetics, the main intention is to avoid drawing lustful attention from men. Without sugar coating the issue, there are obvious cosmetics which are used to gain this type of attention from non mehram men, such as lip plumpers, which increase the size of the lips to appear more seductive. Sultry style eye make up which can appear “sexy”. This type of makeup is quite obvious for its aim. However makeup that is done to cover faults, to help with creating a positive attitude towards oneself and that isn't done in a way to create and garner attention from the opposite gender is permissible and can sometimes help a person overcome self criticism, which in our society can cause depression and similar mental illness.

Is it permissible for me to get rid of facial hair?
It is permissible to get rid of facial hair which is seen as uncommon or unattractive. This however is not shaping the eyebrows, removing a stray hair is permissible, or removing a “monobrow” but shaping the eye brows to become thinner is not permissible. The removal of other facial hair such as over the lip etc is permissible.

Can I wear high heeled shoes in public/workplace?
If your shoes have high heels which clunk when they hit the ground, this will innevitably get the attention of men as you walk by, this is prohibited by our understanding of beautification of women with the intention of getting lustful attention from men. High heels also accentuates the posterior, and therefore adds to making a fitnah for the opposite gender.

Is it ok to wear skinny jeans or tight trousers?
Any clothing which reveals the contours of the body or that will get the lustful attention from men is not permissible, please note, lustful as the main word. Looking classy or elegant does not create lust but will get respect, it is important to avoid the lustful gaze, where the man may see and imagine the things that you are showing them. Even though they are required to lower there gaze, believing women are also ordered not to dress in a way that garners lustful attention.

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Hijab Fun Fact

We actually have the same hijab suppliers as more expensive hijab stores, we just charge less! So you can be assured the quality is the same, just cheaper prices. Alhamdullilah!

hijab shopBecause of our dedication to low prices, heart hijab isn't just any hijab store, we are a campaign driven community effort that enables more muslimahs to wear hijab, enabling our sisters to feel more confident and comfortable wearing the hijab and continuing to make hijab and hijab fashion easily affordable.


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