Service Improvements

We've greatly improved our service. No More Covid Delays. and instant refunds for any out of stock items.

Huge service changes that will make you absolutely love our website and shopping experience.

  1. We now have more stock held in our warehouse
  2. We have put in new technology that makes picking items faster
  3. We have new packing systems which speeds up the sending of our items. 
  4. Better store credit system, if anything is out of stock, we can immediately refund onto our store credit system. 
  5. We include a digital invoice, so the computer prints out exactly which items were sent and what was out of stock so you know by email as well as in your actual package, packing list is included.
  6. You can use your store credit even if your total is equal to zero after applying your store credit. 
  7. If any items are out of stock, you are refunded immediately to store credit, and we also instantly remove it off the website.

We're committed to providing amazing service with super low prices. We want to be the amazon of low cost items, and we can't achieve that without a commitment to good service.

We're now picking, packing and sending much faster. 

These updates are now LIVE, and we are packing at a much faster pace, refunds are being sent immediately if any items are out of stock. We hope you like the new improved service and we can focus on growing and giving you amazing products at incredible prices.