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Maroon Hijab

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Maroon Hijab
  • Burgundy Satin Silk Maxi Hijab

    Satin Silk Maxi Hijab

    Approx 180cm x 70cm

    Fabric: 100% Polyester

    These beautiful shiny, silky, satin hijabs are non-seethrough, lightweight and give great coverage. 

    Regular Price: £81,900.00

    Special Price £69,615.00

  • Cocoa Bean Pearl Chain Hijab
    Beautiful and high quality pearl chain hijabs, breathable material. Large maxi size. 180cm Length 90cm Width

    Regular Price: £102,900.00

    Special Price £87,465.00

  • Wine Red Cotton Maxi Jersey
    Beautiful and high quality Cotton Jersey, breathable material. Stretchable too. 180cm Length 75cm Width

    Regular Price: £100,800.00

    Special Price £85,680.00

  • Wine Red Stone Underscarf

    Full Stretchable Underscarf