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Navy Hijab

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Navy Hijab
  • Navy Cotton Tassel Hijab

    Extra Maxi Cotton Blend Tassel Hijab. 180x100cm. 

    Regular Price: £100,800.00

    Special Price £74,084.12

  • Navy Metallic Lustre Hijab

    Beautiful Metallic Lustre Hijabs. Maxi Size 180x90cm 

    These are cotton viscose but textured like linen. Giving them a very glamorous sheen. These hijabs should be warn with an underscarf and plenty of pins as it is similar to silk. 

    Regular Price: £94,290.00

    Special Price £57,078.45

  • Navy Satin Silk Maxi Hijab

    Satin Silk Maxi Hijab

    Approx 180cm x 70cm

    Fabric: 100% Polyester

    These beautiful shiny, silky, satin hijabs are non-seethrough, lightweight and give great coverage. 

    Regular Price: £81,900.00

    Special Price £1.90

  • Pink Navy Mixed Hijab

    180cm Length 90cm Width

    Regular Price: £94,290.00

    Special Price £1.90