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The Mission

So you have accepted the mission, to dress modestly, but still look and feel like a million dollars. The important part is to ensure that we dress within the rules of our beloved religion, to help elevate us and without feeling like we're just dressing in black constantly. The basic rules are:

  1. No Figure Hugging (so loose outer garments)
  2. No showing of the hair (Stop peaking that hijab :P all the hair should be covered)
  3. Cover the neck, according to the hadith, it should be the cloth coming down from the head to cover the hair, neck and chest. 
  4. No Clickety Clack, striking the heels is a no no, so avoid high heel stilletos as they automatically make loud noise. Heels with a wider surface area at the bottom make less noise.

Colour co-ordination

Co-ordinating colours is a must, but that doesn't mean you should wear all yellow, all red, all plum, as you'll end up looking like a banana, apple or an aubergine! It's important to break up the colours so that your outfit can stand out and look more thought out and stylish. 

Hollywood stylists emphasise the importance of colour more than anything, choosing the right colour to match your skin tone can give an instant glow. The first step is to study your skin tone and find out what's going to look best on you. Finding the right colour will flatter your natural tone more. There are three main tones, warm, cool and neutral. Figuring out your tone is the hardest part, but when you do, sticking with those colours will flatter your skin tone more, and if you have favourite colours that do not fall into that rule, then use those colours for accessories rather than your main outfit. 

Finding your skin tone:

Look at your wrist, hopefully you have visible veins. Try to see it in sunlight as you can get a better and clearer result. 
If your veins look like they are green, then you have a warm skin tone.
If your veins look like they are blue or purple then you have a cool skin tone. 
If you cannot tell if your veins are green or blue/purple than you are likely to have a neutral skin tone. 

Warm Skin Tone; Rich colours, earth shades of red, orange, yellow, green and brown, these will make your golden undertones more radiant. Peach, coral and violet red will also look good. When looking for gray colours, look for warmer grays like mushroom or taupe, and off whites. For blues, periwinkle and teal. Anything cooler than these than your skin tone will look grayish. 

Cool Skin Tone; Try to go for sea shades, frosty purples and pinks, fresh green, berry reds, cool grays and crisp white. 

Neutral Skin Tone; Opt for more softer sherbet shades, like muted raspberry, creamsicle, lemon and lavender. 

It's more important to figure this colour out for your hijab as you want to avoid certain colours that could conflict with the tone of your face, the goal is to look more radiant, rather than conflicting with your natural tones. 

How to dress for different Body Shapes


  • You wouldn't describe yourself as curvy
  • Your shoulders and hips are nearly the same when looking in a mirror
  • Your waist isn't particularly small, rather it is almost a straight line from top to bottom. 
  • You have evenly distributed weight.

With a rectangle shaped body you can wear most items and don't need to focus on minimising any particular area. Maxi dresses are great for rectangles, you can also tuck your shirt into skirts and wide leg trousers would look great, without displaying curves. 


  • You are well proportioned.
  • Most of your weight is through your bust and mid section
  • You wouldn't describe yourself as curvy in your hips. 

With an apple shape, you want to try and minimise the waist, you are going to want to go with wide leg or flared pieces. Long tops like tunics and kurtas, empire waist tops all look great. Longer jackets and blazers also help, try to minimise bulk when choosing your garments. With skirts, you can wear shorter tops however they need to have a more looser fit. You are going to want to let the tops flow rather than tucking them in. 


  • Your wist will be larger than your bust.
  • Your arms and shoulders are slimmer when you compared to the proportions. 
  • Your hips are wider. 

You are going to want to focus on minimizing your hips and thighs when dressing for modesty. For tops you can try empire waists and tucking them into a-line skirts. Wide flowing skirts flatter pears, you are going to want to opt for flared dresses and jackets as they help to minimise the hips and bottom.

Avoid tucking shirts into trousers and try to opt for tops that go beyond the thighs. 

Hour Glass

  • You have a curvy body. 
  • A well defined waist
  • Your bust and hips are quite even.

For an hour glass body you are going to want to avoid showing the curves for a modest look. Try to avoid belted garments, as they will accentuate your figure and show off the curves. Try long flowing tops, a line dresses and wear short tops and jackets with skirts. Maxi dresses are likely to show off your curves.  



Abayas are a Muslim womans best friend! They offer you complete coverage without any worries, you can throw them on in an instant and be on your way. Make sure to have plenty of abayas handy, in a number of different colours. You can create simple and elegant styles with abayas and switch up your hijab colour to keep the look more fresh. 


Blazers are absolutely a must if you work in a formal environment, mixing up a blazer with a full abaya can go a long way, looking really elegant, classy and down to business. By pairing a blazer with a long dress, abaya or smart and loose pencil type skirt, you can create very chic and smart looks.You can mix up a solid colour blazer with a printed long dress or abaya to create unique looks. 


Trousers are a staple of every ladies wardrobe. You'll find that woven fabrics will get a better cover than knitted fabrics which tend to hug curves. It's a great idea to have a some neutral colours as that gives you a huge amount of versatility to match with different tops. You can go the further distance and get some pastel colours, gray, brown, obviously black, or some variously textured trousers. You're going to want to avoid skinny style as they will not cover your awrah properly, unless you are going to cover it entirely with a long dress, so for instance leggings under a long dress. Otherwise opt for trousers that have a nice loose comfortable fit. 


Cardigans can really save the day when you find that the trousers might not cover your bum! Or your sleeves are too short. Cardigans really help you to have more options in your wardrobe, so you can opt for that short sleeve dress and just throw on a good ol' cardi. Cardigans can be more elegant than long sleeved base layers. Pastel colours look great in cardigans and a light beige cardigan can look really quite posh! 


Similar to the handy cardigan, dusters can look really flowly and beautiful. These long cardigans usually hang down to the ankles, they can even be paired with an abaya to get a more flowy elegant look. A duster with some embelishments look fantastic with plain black abayas. You can also pair your dusters with trousers or jeans and loosely tie the belt to give sufficient coverage whilst looking stylish and fashionable. 

Shoes - Boots, Flats

Because of the hadith about striking the feet on the ground to make noise, most of us would opt to avoid stilletos, the tiny heel makes a lot of attention grabbing noise, not to mention them being really really bad for your feet and posture. Flat shoes are fantastic option to choose, they are more comfortable and you can opt to add soles inside (there is no reason not to have comfortable fashion!) Flats go well with long abayas and when wearing dress and flowing type of clothing.

Kitten heels are also a great option to have, but you might want to find heels that have a larger surface area so they dont make too much noise when you walk. You can find plenty of beautiful kitten heels which look as good or better than stilletos whilst also being much more comfortable. These again can be warn with dresses, abayas and also with more formal work trousers for a smart look. 

Boots, you can find plenty of ankle height boots or higher. These are a great option if you're a country dweller and need something suitable for parks if you don't fancy throwing on the wellies. You can find some really elegant boots that go well with abayas, trousers and dresses. You will obviously want to match the style of the boots to the outfit, ie military boots can't go with a dress!

Trainers; please don't wear these with abayas unless they are all black and like tennis shoes! Trainers are best to stick with jeans and hoodies, super casual! They can completely destroy an abaya look if paired badly.


We all need Jackets, it can get exceptionally cold in the western hemisphere! Jackets provide a stylish and quick cover up to any outfit that might need more coverage. You can get some lightweight trench coats, or my favourite would be petticoat jackets, these are like military style buttons but with a nice frilly bottom. 

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts can look very elegant, try to avoid the older style gypsy skirts as they are quite dated in style now. Maxi skirts are great for warmer weather and be nice and breezy. You can match them with some tights or leggings to keep them warmer on those slightly more unpredictable days. You can match maxi skirts up with some of those nice long sleeve tops that you have trouble wearing with trousers.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses can be really elegant numbers, modesty and modern you can match them up with a cardigan to cover up those short sleeves. You can choose a nice jacket that doesn't need to be too long either, a denim jacket or dress jacket. You're going to want to find a maxi dress with a higher neck, as you want to avoid the frumpy look with shirts underneath which can make it look less elegant. 


Tights are a great option when you want to wear sandals or shoes that show the feet, remember the feet are also part of the awrah. Some nice thick opaque tights are great to mix with maxi skirts to help keep you warm and avoid any mishaps! 


Jewellery is the best way to express yourself, they can really speak volumes about who you are and what you like and are like! You can opt for costume jewellery necklaces to go over your hijab. Rings and bangles are also great. Choosing a great piece of costume jewellery to go with your hijab can even refresh your hijab and make it really pop. 


Shirt Dresses are another fantastic invention! Wear these with formal loose trousers or jeans. They make great tops and are usually long sleeve too. They can be very smart and formal, or even casual, depending how you dress it up, you can don them with some jeans and white trainers for a casual look. Try to find some that go down to the knee or just before. 


Tunic tops are great, long, flowy and can be really stylish. You can wear these with maxi skirts or jeans. Tunics are fantastic coverups that look really fab. Try to find ones that are opaque as you will find some tend to be on the seethrough side! But most kurtas if you check the asian stores can be really classy and cover well. 

Undergarments/Base Layers

Undergarments, base layers, tshirts, etc, all essentials. Make sure you are plenty stocked up! Scoopneck tank tops, body shapers, hosiery can all help to make a modest wear outfit whilst looking fantastic. 


Jeans can be great and casual, but try to find some that are more modest. Try to avoid skinny jeans, not just because they're immodest and do not cover the awrah, it can open you to shaytans whispers, but they are also not good for the health and feminine hygene! Wideleg jeans are great, modest and versatile. Match these with some trainers and a hoody and you have a great streetwear look, or perhaps with a sweatshirt and instantly you're chic. 

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can be a nice comfortable option to wear under your abaya, some abayas let more light through which means they can sometimes show your silhoutte, yoga pants are a great way to cover up. They're light and comfortable so they have to be a staple to every hijabis wardrobe. Please avoid wearing them on there own, like those baggy aladdin pants, that look is done and dead, thankfully!

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

I absolutely love hoodies and sweatshirts, these give a really chic and casual look. You'll always find them nice and loose, with long sleeves. They can look really cute and casual.

Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

Oval - with this type of face shape you are going to want to let your hijab follow the natural shape of your face and try to keep the oval shape. 

Rectangular - if you have a shorter rectangular face, than try to create the impression of a longer face, you can do this by making the sides of your hijab closer to the ends of your eyebrows to frame the face as more longer vertically and having the top of your hijab more closer to your hairline. 

Round - with a rounder face you are going to want to let the hijab fall softly against your cheeks and chin, not to pull up under the china as to push it out too much, you are going to want a softer style, add more folds to disguise those cheeks. 

Heart - with a heart shaped face you will want to frame the hijab closer to the edges of your jaw, this will accentuate your jaw line and make a more equal look. with the hijab at the top you can try to angle the hijab to show less of your forhead on either side, making a point at the top, but ensuring your hair is still covered. 

Square - try to keep your scarf loose under the chin and create more feminine folds and flows with your hijab, try to frame your hijab around your face in a more oval or rounder shape and this will help to soften your face when framed with hijab. 


HeartHijab probably has the ultimate in hijab selection, from pashmina to ombres, we have a huge variety, you're going to want to have quite a large variety of scarves to match with your different outfits, do try to match the colours with your accessories though to make your outfit pop more and look more thought out. 

Hijab Accessories

Underscarves, caps, neck covers, sleeves, pins...these are all handy for every hijabi and can help you with your hijab style variety. You're always going to want plenty of pins and safety pins on hand and perhaps the occasional brooch. Underscarves help to keep your hair tucked away and in place and can allow you to have more versatile and looser hijab styles. 

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