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My item is damaged
Laila Ibrahim 22 Sep 2019

We are very sorry for your damaged item. We are unable to check items when they are posted out, other than a good once over. When our suppliers send us the goods, in transit some damages may apply, as the goods are shipped thousands of miles.  Simply, you can opt for store credit (this wil...

My Item is not as Described or Wrong Colour
Laila Ibrahim 22 Sep 2019

We try to show the item exactly as the supplier has supplied to us. We use the exact details that our suppliers give to us, so make sure to be accurate to that. If however you are unsatisfied with the product you can opt for store credit. We are only able to provide store credit as the cost of d...

Cancel my order
Laila Ibrahim 11 Oct 2019

If you would like your order cancelled it must be in the "processing" stage, it cannot be in the picking, packing or order sent stage. Please login to check the status of your order, if it is processing, you can cancel your order by clicking here If you have an account with us, make RMA tickets...

Important HeartHijab Announcement
Laila Ibrahim 24 Jan 2020

Important announcement from HeartHijab We have had a very tricky trading period where we sold our Hijabs at extremely (stupidly) low prices. These prices gave us a bit of trouble because it meant we sold way too many without making any profit to sustain the business costs. We therefore have put...

Missing/Skipped Items
Laila Ibrahim 17 Sep 2019

Sometimes when you order, our stock count might not be correct, this could be due to manufacturers not sending us the correct amount. When we pick the items from our shelves in the warehouse, we have a button that lets us press skip when we cannot find the item or it is out of stock. This notifi...

Root Catalog

5 Item(s)