I want to speak to someone

Laila Ibrahim posted this on 22 Sep 2019

We understand that you want to be heard right away as a customer. That is important to us. This system is the fastest way to resolve your problem/complaint.

As we have thousands of orders to deal with everyday, and as a massive discounter. We do not have the staff to answer thousands of queries, we would need to put prices up to do so.

We therefore have a system which allows us to deal with customer complaints in the most satisfying way, by resolving your issues and getting you what you want in the most simple steps without going back and fourth. 

Please head over to one of the questions on our FAQ that relate to your problem and then follow the instructions. We will then get notified exactly what you want and proceed to process your complaint. 

Log in to your account and, make a ticket here

we have improved the system and now getting a very high customer satisfaction rate. We're streamlining the system to give better flows for customer satisfaction.