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Where is my Order?

Laila Ibrahim posted this on 22 Sep 2019

If you log in to your account

then go to see the list of your orders. This will give a status:

Processing: This means that we're waiting to start picking your items, if it has not started yet, you can request a cancellation after 48hours. Sometimes processing is delayed due to manufacturers not sending the goods on time.
Picking: This means we have started to pick your items and will be on its way to you soon.
Packing: This means we have completed the pick of your items and is imminently waiting to be shipped.
Order Sent: This means we have now completed the label creation and sent the items to royal mail, to send to you.

If your order has "order sent" and you have not recieved your order, please make sure that royal mail have not attempted a delivery and left a red card.
This has happened numerous times, more than we can count, always check if royal mail have left you a card to collect from the local postoffice/delivery office.

We are currently experience a delay with customs/brexit issues, but we're powering through and will have all orders out by 31st October.